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52 W 56th St 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10019
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Your family-owned luxury florists.


Shield Flowers & Events History


Shield’s Flowers & Events inception began back in 1935 by A. Warendorff. The store, originally named Warendorff’s Seventh Avenue Flower Shop, was known as a pioneer in the florist industry. New Yorkers would frequently visit his elaborate window displays of the newest trends, techniques, and seasonal flowers. 


Inspired by the American dream, the business was then purchased by our family in 1988 and coined Shield’s Flowers & Events. We’ve been inspired by the creativity and passion injected into the business by A. Warendorff, and we’ve worked closely to keep his spirit alive through our designs and concepts. 


Since 1935, our flower shop has been a landmark in the New York City market. Trusted for our close relationships with growers globally and our personal 127-acre flower farm, we’ve developed a unique eye for design and reputation in The Big Apple.

Shields Warendorff Flowers

52 W 56th St 2nd Floor

New York,NY 10019


The Four Pillars of Shields Flowers & Events



We are known for our keen attention to detail and ability to design exceptionally unique, creative arrangements that make a statement.



We’re committed to luxury at Shields Flowers. Each arrangement is crafted to stand out.



We’ve been a spearhead in the New York City floral industry since the 1930s. Our unique history and constant growth have made us a favorite among some of New York City’s most prominent residents.



Each arrangement is carefully tailored to the event or occasion for a completely original, one-of-a-kind experience using some of the most diverse flowers on the market.

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